Adios mi amor Cocktail Recipe

Cocktail recipe

Adios mi amor cocktail

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Adios mi amor cocktail

Photo source / credit: James Fry

An original cocktail by James Fry, sweet, tasty and very easy to make great for any party.

This cocktail was inspired by my break up with my longtime girlfriend hence the name, so Adios Mi Amor.


Highball glass

5 Ingredients


1. Fill a high ball glass with ice and pour in the pineapple rum and mango puree.

2. Then add the orange juice leaving enough room for Passoa and grenadine.

3. Stir it all together.

4. Add Passoa this should float on top.

5. Add a dash of Grenadine this will sink.

6. If you want, garnish with an orange wedge or wheel

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